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The 1989 Building Addition & Renovation

The 1980s was a bleak decade for historic building conservation.  There was heavy emphasis on "facadism", maintaining the historic exterior while modernizing the interior.  The Ray Memorial Library did not escape the 80s unscathed. By 1982 the funds left by the Ray sisters for maintenance of the building had dried up, and the structure was definitely showing it's age. Leaking roof, peeling paint, and a lengthening list of other structural and functional problems and no funds to repair called for urgent resolution.  The Ray Memorial Association would give ownership of the library to the town.  The remaining Ray descendants were located and they released the property over to the Town of Franklin.  By 1987, the library collections outgrew the building, and a decision was made to construct a two story addition to the Ray Memorial building.
More to come...
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