What is "One Book, One Community?"

The goal of the Franklin Library’s One book, One Community program is to help build a better sense of fellowship through a shared reading experience.

What are we reading?


Summer reading is not just for kids!  Beginning July 1st, in connection with the Hoopla Book Club, we'll be reading The Temps by Andrew DeYoung.  Is it a post-apocalyptic mystery? Witty satire of the corporate machine? Page-turning thriller? Or all of the above? Grab a copy and find out!

Where can I get a copy of the book, "The Temps"?

There are many print copies available at the library and it is also available through interlibrary loan.  If you'd prefer a digital copy, it's always available as both an ebook and audiobook through the Hoopla app.

temps cover.JPG
temps about pic.JPG